We are proud to work in all areas of tobacco leaf research, aiming to improve resistance to plant disease and leaf quality amongst other areas.

The tobacco used in our products comes from tobacco plants which are grown all over the world, typically in tropical and sub-tropical climates. Bergerac in France has a history of tobacco plant research; our own team in Bergerac also work on identifying tobacco genes and their functions that may be relevant for leaf and smoke chemical composition, aiming to improve leaf quality and resistance to pests.

Tobacco leaf quality - whether relating to crop yield, aroma, or any other aspect of the leaf - is important for our products. Samples of the tobacco that we purchase are tested regularly for residues of plant protection products in order to ensure that our tobacco blends meet our technical requirements, and the standards expected by our consumers.

In addition, we are proud to own one of the largest tobacco seed collections in the world: the Nicotiana gene bank. 


It is important to preserve all genetic resources. Our Nicotiana collection provides a collection of tobacco seeds which meets this need.

Our gene bank contains more than 1100 accessions and is an essential tool for plant geneticists and tobacco breeders. Every tobacco type is represented including Virginia (flue-cured), Burley and Dark air-cured tobaccos. This bank is maintained and the seeds are distributed by Bergerac Seed & Breeding (Bergerac, France). We are pleased to make this important resource available to researchers worldwide, subject to terms and conditions; please refer to our collection catalogue and ordering form.