We do not add anything to our products to make it more difficult for smokers to stop smoking, to make our products attractive to children or to increase the level or change the chemical form of nicotine in tobacco smoke.

Our products sometimes contain ingredients which we use in some brands to enhance their overall flavour and aroma. These give our brands their distinctive styles, in line with our consumers' preferences. The main ingredient we use in our tobacco blends is water.

The term "ingredient" also applies to the components of non-tobacco materials that are used to make our products, such as the cigarette paper, the filter, the adhesive that seals the paper and the ink that colours the tipping.

We assess the appropriateness and acceptability of every ingredient we use. Our panel of experienced toxicologists carry out risk assessments and judge the suitability of these ingredients for inclusion in our products. Further details of our research in this area are on our Toxicology Testing page.

For adult smokers interested in our products, details of the ingredients and materials used in specific Imperial Tobacco cigarette and fine cut tobacco brands are available on request. Please visit our general enquiries page on our corporate website and select ‘ingredients enquiries’ from the drop-down menu.