Toxicology Testing

Our Toxicology Testing programme gives us 'state of the art' assays and cutting-edge technology to support the development of new and potentially safer products. 

Next Generation Products

Next Generation Products seek to offer adult smokers an alternative to traditional tobacco products.

Plant Science

In Bergerac, we are proud to work in all areas of tobacco leaf research.

Regulatory Testing

We perform thousands of tests each month to make sure our products comply with regulations.

Product Features

Tobacco products include a range of design features to meet consumer expectations and regulatory requirements.


Sometimes we use ingredients to give Imperial Tobacco brands their distinctive styles. We assess the appropriateness and acceptability of every ingredient we use.

Environmental Tobacco Smoke

Second hand smoke, also known as environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is the aged and diluted combination of different types of cigarette smoke. 

Contact Us

We welcome any contact- whether feedback on our website or enquiries from specialists with an interest in tobacco-related research.


We have a dedicated careers website, where we publish live information about roles available for application.