At Imperial Brands Science, we conduct scientific research on all of our products through our specialists in chemistry, toxicology, biology, physical assessment, plant science, statistical modelling, and product health assessment.

We undertake and monitor scientific research to continually improve our knowledge of tobacco and the diseases associated with tobacco and nicotine consumption. We use this to develop and assess new products with the potential to be safer than cigarettes. Sometimes we fund research by independent third parties; we never seek to influence the results. Some scientific researchers refuse to accept funding from tobacco companies; this is unfortunate as tobacco is a subject matter that benefits from the attention of independent, academic science.

As a responsible tobacco manufacturer we believe that how we fulfil our obligations to consumers is important. Our investment in furthering our scientific understanding and expertise is a key element for us to deliver quality products, now and in the future. We set high standards to meet the ever evolving needs of consumers and regulators, and to enable the development of new and potentially safer products.

Imperial Brands is a FTSE 100 company headquartered in Bristol in the UK, the parent company of a dynamic international business specialising in tobacco and non-tobacco brands.

The Group has five distinct entities: Imperial Tobacco, Tabacalera, ITG Brands, Fontem Ventures and Logista.